Effectiveness Of Changing Anna Fruit Anna Which Is Coupled And Not Skined On The Decrease Of Index Debris

  • Chikita Fresya Pratama poltekkes kemenkes surabaya jurusan keperawatan gigi
Keywords: Apples, Debris Index


The condition of the damaged tooth can have an impact on the health of other bodies and affect aesthetics of a person. Efforts are made to maintain healthy teeth and mouth including chemical means by increasing the consumption of fibrous foods. The results of examinations that have been carried out on grade III students of SDN Batukerbuy IV Pamekasan in 2020 obtained an index score of 2.17 in the poor category. So that the problem in this study is the high value of the debris index of the third grade students of SDN Batukerbuy IV Pamekasan. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of chewing apples (anna) peeled and those whose skin was not peeled against changes in student index debris. Research methods is quasi experimental design (quasi experimental design) with a target number of group A 18 children, and group B 18 children. The data collection method uses an index debris assessment sheet. Data analysis techniques used are paired sample T-test and independent sample T-test. The results of the research that have been carried out can be concluded that there is a difference in the effectiveness of chewing anna apple peeled and not peeled against index debris of third grade students at SDN Batukerbuy IV Pamekasan 2020.

Keywords: Apples, Debris Index